We’re back and refreshed from our six month absence! Thank you to all of our supporters for being so amazing and encouraging and we embark on our newest adventure. A couple things to look forward to:

The Aaden Project,
a branch project off of Red Balloon to increase minority representation in the national bone marrow registry. This is a partner project with The Asian American Donor Program and The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship

George Mark’s Children House,
the nation’s first pediatric palliative care located in San Leandro, CA. We’ve been in contact for a potential collaboration as they are developing their own music therapy programs for their patients

New Red Balloons benefits and clubs
across the nation including Wisconsin, New York, Texas and California

2011 Benefit Show
might find a new home in the Bay Area! Details will soon be revealed!

It’s a very big year for us. Although it’s different from what we had envisioned, we’re doing our best to be flexible and leaving behind a positive impact on the lives of children across the nation. Thank you all again for your love and support!

Any questions, booking inquiries (INTERESTED IN PERFORMING?), media or comments, please email us at redballoon.staff(at)gmail(dot)com