…and we’re back!

After a refreshing and relaxing 6 months off…

Who am I kidding? I actually just spent the last six months playing catch up in school, writing grant proposals, shooting videos and of course, studying and studying and studying for my board exams. Soon I start my clinical rotations and I can’t be anymore excited to have my career life begin.

A couple of updates

– Yes, I am filing the paperwork to become 501c(3).
– Yes, there will be a Red Balloon 2012 benefit
– Yes, it will be amazing
– No, it will not be in the Bay Area

Hang on a second…not in the Bay Area?! For those of you who do not know, I have relocated to beautiful orange county until the end of the year. Before I make any big time confirmation bulletins, I will just say that I usually like producing benefits at locations close to me. For example, when I was at Davis = Red Balloon was at Davis.

It has been an exciting year & I cannot wait to see what more comes out of it! Hope your summer goes splendidly and can’t wait to keep sharing and posting updates šŸ™‚


ps. Lynna Nguyen Photography is just heartwarming.

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