What to do?

As some of you can infer, I want to produce a Red Balloon here in Orange County. I’ve been kindly allotted a 2 week vacation and instead of spending it backpacking around Europe, I want to use the time to put together this benefit. Unfortunately, it has been difficult to crack into the philanthropy world down here. I took for granted how much support (financially and publicity wise)  I had up in Norcal and how easy it was for me to put together something. 

So now, I’m asking for your help.

Originally, I wanted to work with a big name hospital since there are some wonderful places that have music therapy programs. But most of these programs already have million dollar grants and/or require you guarantee a certain donation before you can even use their name. It didn’t sit too well with me.

I thought about working with Make A Wish and adopting a wish. This entails funding a terminally-ill child’s last wish to do something extraordinary. How wonderful would it be to put together an event, bring together hundreds of young people, and granting a simple wish for a child who may not make it to their next birthday. 

I love how the past Red Balloons have brought people from all walks and colors of life together, determined to make a difference in their communities and who all believed in the power of music. That underlies the deepest foundation of why I find the strength to do this year after year. I don’t need a fancy venue or a big time headliner to do this. I just need to find people who want to make a small difference and help a child breathe easier with his or her life. 

Anyway, I am looking for new ideas. Something fresh. Something idealistic. Something new to believe in. 

Get in touch with my team (redballoon.staff@gmail.com) or with me directly for anything that comes across your pretty mind. 

Love & hugs!


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