Red Balloon Dedication

Every year, we have the beautiful opportunity to hear how music can change lives and dedicate our Red Balloon to someone who inspires us to continue our mission. Working alongside Camp Footprints (who 50% of our profits will benefit this year), we have decided to dedicate Red Balloon Day to Chad.

Chad is a 24-year-old Camp Footprint veteran who loves music. Despite having Down Syndrome, he does not let it stop him from being an extraordinary individual. Music is his way of talking and sharing his feelings with others; when words fail, music speaks. Camp Footprints has left an impact on his life; at Camp, he is not different but rather, he is celebrated for his uniqueness.

Please help us continue to give people like Chad a chance to have music in their lives and most importantly, please help us continue to make a difference in people’s lives through music.

Email us at for any questions or concerns.

Thank you Chad for sharing your story with all of us!

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