So what have we been up to?

After a few months hiatus, we’re back and full steam ahead for our upcoming year. Before we get into the news about our 2013 plans, we want to look back at some of the amazing Red Balloons we met in 2012.

First up…Jadey Monique Gonzalez & Jesson Rata.


These two fabulous individuals took their talent and time to UC Davis Children’s Hospital and serenaded the kids and hospital staff. Their gigantic hearts took them far as they charmed in entire pediatric ward. We are so lucky and thankful to have Jadey and Jesson on board with Red Balloon!

“During that short amount of time, we were able to relieve stress and worries from staff members and families alike. The experience was both humbling and rewarding that applause and positive feedback from the staff, the parents, and the kids were validations of why we love what we do; our Red Balloon Event gave us more motivation and inspiration to continue spreading our love and passion for music” – Jesson

“I gained a new appreciation and understanding of the power of music, especially in the form of music therapy for pediatric patients, their families, and hospital staff too. Like families and friends, music has its own way of comforting us, supporting us, and helping us feel more than we can say or explain at a moment; sometimes, it can be hard for us to put into words and express to others how we feel, whether it’s happy or sad, calm or stirring. But music and performances of music can help explain what we go through and what we should remember as we go, as we fall then rise come what may. I feel very blessed and honored to be a musical artist and I am so grateful for others who appreciate the love and power of music as well because together, we are changing our local communities and our world one song at a time.” – Jadey

Watch their amazing performance: