Red Balloon is a not-for-profit organization inspiring the younger generation to change a child’s life through music. With an annual benefit concert, we bring awareness about music therapy and help sustain these programs in hospitals across California.

In 2006, Red Balloon was founded by Jennifer Allison Tran in San Jose, California. Inspired by a humanitarian trip to Southeast Asia, Jen wanted to keep the service fire alive so she organized a small grassroots organization. She organized a benefit dinner called “Red Balloon” followed by a concert with Under|Sky band to help fund scholarships for the children of Sapa, Vietnam. Five years later, it has become an annual benefit concert sponsoring local non-profits organization and global efforts to secure opportunities for children in third world countries and here in our own backyard.

In 2008, Red Balloon began sponsoring music therapy programs for the UC Davis Children’s Hospital in Sacramento, California. By combining music and medicine, we put together an annual benefit concert in Davis, CA  and/or in San Jose, CA, connecting the community through music. We believe that when words fail, music speaks. Continuing this mission, we pledge to continue sponsorship of music therapy programs at children hospitals throughout California through music, one red balloon concert at a time.

The “Red Balloon” idea was inspired by the French foreign film of the same name. In the movie, Pascal find a red balloon who becomes his best friend. Similarly, we took the idea that something so simple as a red balloon could change a child’s life. If one red balloon could change someone, imagine what a million red balloons can do.