Our Causes

Over the years, Red Balloon has had the wonderful opportunity to work with many great non-profit organizations helping children locally and globally. Our love and support goes out to these groups and we often support their causes even after a Red Balloon concert. Please take the time to visit their sites and maybe you’ll also be inspired to be a red balloon for their cause.

Christian Brothers

Working with An-Phong Tran, one of the most charismatic leaders in the Vietnamese-Catholic community, we worked alongside Christian Brothers to fund educational scholarships. We helped 13 children in Sapa, Vietnam, a village known for its poverty and resilence. These scholarships funded room and board, food, school supplies, and even music lessons for the children. Thanks to the worldly acclaimed Christian Brothers, we were able to fund another 20 scholarships for the children of the Bisrate Gabriel School in Dire-Dawa, Ethiopia.


UC Davis Children’s Hospital Child Life Department

In Northern California, only one hospital has a staffed music therapist aiding in the healing process for acutely ill and chronic pediatric patients: UC Davis. But like any other hospital, there is nothing normal about it. The Child Life Department exists to recreate a sence of normalcy for the children, incorporating art and music into their lives as an outlet for the tension and anger. By using music, therapists assist patients in expressing their emotions through songs, rhythms, and drum beats. With 20 years of experience, music therapy has touched the lives of thousands of pediatric patients and their families. A program run primarily on donations, we have pledged our support to help sustain music therapy programs and hopefully establish a foundation so there will never be a danger of losing the program.


Trung Tam Mai Hoa

Located deep in Saigon,Vietnam, Trung Tam Mai Hoa is an orphanage providing for children with pediatric AIDS. These children, many who have lost their parents to AIDS, struggle to find a place within their own society. The orphanage provides a sense of home, providing education, food and most importantly love to these kids. The home also takes care of the homeless and neglected populations.


Got Your Back Network

With our nation fighting two wars overseas, families struggle to recreate a normal lifestyle especially in the event of a lost loved one. Got Your Back Network, founded by Lt. Commander Dr. Andrew Baldwin, provides mentorship and guidance programs for the families of our fallen troops. Whatever the task, Got Your Back Network dedicates its mission to providing for these families and helping breathe easier with their lives.


Asian-American Donor Program

AADP  recruits bone-marrow donors from all walks of life, helping those who in desperate need for a bone-marrow transplant. AADP has grown to an organization that outreaches to and encourages all ethnic minorities to join the National Marrow Donor Program Registry.


Project Michelle

Founded by one of our most beautiful red balloons, Michelle Maykin, Project Michelle aims at registering people to be bone-marrow donors by setting up numerous registration drives across the country. Red Balloon 2009 was held in honor of Michelle Maykin and her courageous battle to help other people struggling to find bone marrow matches.