Happy Red Balloon Day!!



Here’s to believing that ordinary people can do extraordinary things!

Thank you for being apart of the magic with us. If you would still like to donate to our cause, please visit our CauseVox

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Red Balloon Dedication

Every year, we have the beautiful opportunity to hear how music can change lives and dedicate our Red Balloon to someone who inspires us to continue our mission. Working alongside Camp Footprints (who 50% of our profits will benefit this year), we have decided to dedicate Red Balloon Day to Chad.

Chad is a 24-year-old Camp Footprint veteran who loves music. Despite having Down Syndrome, he does not let it stop him from being an extraordinary individual. Music is his way of talking and sharing his feelings with others; when words fail, music speaks. Camp Footprints has left an impact on his life; at Camp, he is not different but rather, he is celebrated for his uniqueness.

Please help us continue to give people like Chad a chance to have music in their lives and most importantly, please help us continue to make a difference in people’s lives through music.

DONATE: http://redballoon.causevox.com
Email us at redballoon.staff@gmail.com for any questions or concerns.

Thank you Chad for sharing your story with all of us!

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Be Apart of Red Balloon Day

We’ve set up a Causevox for those of you who cannot be apart of Red Balloon Day but still want to be apart of the magic.

Here’s what $3000 would mean to us:

-$1500 will be donated to UC Davis Children’s Hospital to sponsor and sustain their music therapy program. These programs brighten up the hospital, invigorate spirits and add onto the healing process. When words fail, music speaks.

-$1500 will be donated to Camp Footprints, a summer camp dedicated to celebrating uniqueness from all colors and walks of life. This camp devotes itself to helping mentally disabled and economically disadvantaged children, giving them all a chance to breathe easier with their lives through music.

We have just 19 days to make goal & we are truly thankful of your continued support and generosity!

Donate – http://redballoon.causevox.com
Get involved by emailing us at red balloon.staff@gmail.com

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Red Balloon Day; November 17, 2012

My lovely Red Balloons,


I’m excited to announce the next chapter of the Red Balloon story, one that I’ve been dreaming about for some time.

November 17, 2012 is Red Balloon Day, a full 24 hours dedicated to changing lives through music and we want YOU to be a part of the adventure. Whether you want to host your own benefit concert or teach a child how to play piano or sing to senior citizens, we want to help you make this into a reality. We want to connect with you and help you create your own Red Balloon story and most importantly, we want you to share it with the world.

For the past 6 years, we’ve proved that impossible is nothing and gave hope to over 20,000 pediatric patients through the power of music. This year, I want to continue our mission to change lives through music but I want to prove to the world that ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

I sincerely hope you can be a part of Red Balloon 2012!! I cannot wait to see the pictures, cry while watching the videos and be humbled by your compassion and dedication to the service of others.

For more information and/or an application to be apart of Red Balloon Day, please email our staff at redballoon.staff@gmail.com or please feel free to email me directly at jenaltran@gmail.com

Love & Red Balloons,

Jennifer Allison Tran,
Executive Director

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What to do?

As some of you can infer, I want to produce a Red Balloon here in Orange County. I’ve been kindly allotted a 2 week vacation and instead of spending it backpacking around Europe, I want to use the time to put together this benefit. Unfortunately, it has been difficult to crack into the philanthropy world down here. I took for granted how much support (financially and publicity wise)  I had up in Norcal and how easy it was for me to put together something. 

So now, I’m asking for your help.

Originally, I wanted to work with a big name hospital since there are some wonderful places that have music therapy programs. But most of these programs already have million dollar grants and/or require you guarantee a certain donation before you can even use their name. It didn’t sit too well with me.

I thought about working with Make A Wish and adopting a wish. This entails funding a terminally-ill child’s last wish to do something extraordinary. How wonderful would it be to put together an event, bring together hundreds of young people, and granting a simple wish for a child who may not make it to their next birthday. 

I love how the past Red Balloons have brought people from all walks and colors of life together, determined to make a difference in their communities and who all believed in the power of music. That underlies the deepest foundation of why I find the strength to do this year after year. I don’t need a fancy venue or a big time headliner to do this. I just need to find people who want to make a small difference and help a child breathe easier with his or her life. 

Anyway, I am looking for new ideas. Something fresh. Something idealistic. Something new to believe in. 

Get in touch with my team (redballoon.staff@gmail.com) or with me directly for anything that comes across your pretty mind. 

Love & hugs!


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…and we’re back!

After a refreshing and relaxing 6 months off…

Who am I kidding? I actually just spent the last six months playing catch up in school, writing grant proposals, shooting videos and of course, studying and studying and studying for my board exams. Soon I start my clinical rotations and I can’t be anymore excited to have my career life begin.

A couple of updates

– Yes, I am filing the paperwork to become 501c(3).
– Yes, there will be a Red Balloon 2012 benefit
– Yes, it will be amazing
– No, it will not be in the Bay Area

Hang on a second…not in the Bay Area?! For those of you who do not know, I have relocated to beautiful orange county until the end of the year. Before I make any big time confirmation bulletins, I will just say that I usually like producing benefits at locations close to me. For example, when I was at Davis = Red Balloon was at Davis.

It has been an exciting year & I cannot wait to see what more comes out of it! Hope your summer goes splendidly and can’t wait to keep sharing and posting updates 🙂


ps. Lynna Nguyen Photography is just heartwarming.

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Thank you for another amazing year!!!

Dear Red Balloons,

2011 has been the year of blessings for Red Balloon. We’ve had the opportunity to partner with other amazing non-profit organizations including Vivanista, DoSomething.Org, AT&T, The Jubilee Project, and The Asian American Donor Program. We’ve also met people from across the country that want to put together their own “red balloon” benefits and use music to change a child’s life. It is incredibly humbling to see the positive influences and inspirations as a result of our combined efforts to make a difference in our communities.

Red Balloon started off as an idea; inspired by the movie of the same name, I wanted to find simple things, like a red balloon, to change a child’s life. Five years and seven benefit concerts later, the idea still resonates strong. And none of this could be possible with you; you have given these children a piece of their happy endings back.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you again for supporting and being apart of Red Balloon. Thank you for believing in me and encouraging me to step to the beat of my heart. I can never articulate how thankful I am for you, your guidance and your support. In each of you, I see how I can be a better person; in each of you, I see how lucky I am to be apart of a compassionate generation.

I am Pascal and you are my red balloons; all I am is because of all of you.

Much Love & Happy Holidays!

Jennifer Allison Tran,
Red Balloon Executive Director

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